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"You're Acting White"

By James Lindsay writing for New Discourses

Source: Carbado, Devin W. and Mitu Gulati. Acting White? Rethinking Race in “Post-Racial” America. Oxford University Press, 2013, p. 43.

[W]e are using the “acting white” term loosely; sometimes to describe instances in which people of color obscure, downplay, or expressly repudiate the racial group to which they presumptively belong; and sometimes to describe instances in which people of color engage in conduct or activities that are not typically associated with people of their race. None of this means that there is some true or real way to “act white.” There is not. It simply means that we racially judge people based on perceived racial conduct or behavior, and not just on perceived racial physicality or phenotype. With respect to the former, there has been a fair amount of discussion about whether part of the reason for the performance gap between black and white students is the belief on the part of black students that doing well academically is “acting white.” Without weighing into that debate, our view is that the “acting white” phenomenon transcends it.

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