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Women Can Negotiate Salaries As Well As Men - Just Not For Themselves

A recent study found that Women negotiated just as well as men when they were negotiating the salary of another person. However, when it came to their own deal, women did worse at negotiating their own salary than men.

The researchers created a virtual AI to test negotiation skills. The virtual AI did not know the gender identity of 440 participants who were offered a software engineering position. The team said that using a virtual agent to study negotiation differences is helpful because it may seem less intimidating than a person.

However, one part of negotiation skills is being able to deal with the opposition who might appear intimidating. So if the proposition is that women don't know how to negotiate as well as men for their own salaries, One thing this study might not take into account is that one of the reasons might be the inability to communicate or barter effectively with an intimidating employer.

The researchers presented their findings at the 21st ACM International Conference on Intelligent Virtual Agents.