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Woman Says Company Paid Her To Successfully Inject Ads Into Her Dreams

By Noor Al-Sibai writing for Neoscope

One woman says she took part in a Coors experiment that successfully infiltrated her dreams with advertisements for the domestic brewery.

From the article,

Travel writer Bobbi Gould told The Hustle that in 2021, she responded to a strange Craigslist ad claiming that a “big brand” was willing to pay $1,000 for “willing sleepers.” Gould and her boyfriend responded to the ad and were directed to a warehouse in Los Angeles where more than a dozen other volunteers were hooked up to brain monitoring equipment as marketers from Molson Coors looked on. Gould and the other subjects were directed to watch a video that featured Coors products amid waterfalls and jungle landscapes, and instructed to try to doze off while listening to audio from the video they’d just watched. For the next eight hours, the travel writer said she did, in fact, have a series of “weird Coors dreams.”

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