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Woke Capitalism - Everything Is Liberal

By Richard Hanania

If half the country is supposed to be right-leaning, conservative, or republican, why do almost all our public-facing and serving institutions generally lean left? From, education media to tech, charities, and now corporate social justice or causes.

If we were to consider every hot button social issue around which politics involve such as, police funds, national defence, immigration, abortion, and tech censorship. Every major institution unless they explicitly lean conservative will support the liberal position.

This is particularly strange because most media form still project capitalists as right-leaning. But, look around we have Coke and Nike supporting BLM, organisations pulling out of states with stronger anti-abortion laws, and it was Biden, not Trump that received more campaign donations from 'corporate America'.

An argument often posed by some on the left is that corporate America pays lip service to liberal and woke policies but in practice remain conservative.

A counterargument is that in the 50s and 60s the liberal entities fought and attracted much of the younger population. That population grew up and took charge in powerful institutions like education, media, tech, and business and they became the ones in charge. They've just never acknowledged that they have become what they used to fight against.

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