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Will Omicron Overwhelm The NHS?

By Michael Simmons writing for The Spectator

All the data is pointing to Omicron resulting in less severe outcomes. But data also shows more people will get Omicron and a smaller portion of a bigger number is still a bigger number. The focus then returns to cases and transmission. In theory we should have lower hospitalisation rates, will this lower rate buy the NHS more headroom?

The boosters: a success story This is, in part, thanks to boosters and immunity. The ONS confirmed today 95 per cent of over 16’s have antibodies. You might argue that this has less meaning given how Omicron has shown itself able to infect the double-jabbed, but those with boosters have far greater immunity. The stand-out figure — and the great UK success story — is the boosters. Of the age group most likely to die (the over-60s) an astonishing 92 per cent are now boosted. For those in their 50s (a borderline risk group) it’s 80 per cent. No other country comes close to these figures.

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