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Why Strictness Is Socially Progressive

By Ian Leslie writing for The Ruffian

From the article,

Much comes down to how rules are presented and operated. They can be applied in a an arrogant, domineering way, or they can be applied in a way that helps pupils understand why such rules exist - essentially, for the good of each other. One of the policies followed by the teachers at Dixons Trinity was over-explaining. Every time pupils are asked to follow a rule, the reason for the rule has to be explained, and explained again, until you - the teacher - are sick of explaining. ‘Here is why I am silencing your conversation with a desk-mate during class’ (because allowing it is unfair on everyone else). This can get onerous for staff, but as the school’s head said to me, enforcing rules without justifying them generates resentment and resistance. Good teachers, like wise rulers, govern by consent.

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