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Why Skepticism Is A Better Way Of Life

By Nicholas Tampio, professor of political science at Fordham University in New York writing for aeon

What do you think of people who refuse to admit mistakes, grow and just accept what they are told if it satisfies their bias? You would likely think of that person as naive, narrow-minded, and stupid. Stubborn people who refuse to change aren't just wrong about facts, they tend to be mean and support bad movements because they are unwilling to make compromises.

Skepticism isn't necessarily about finding the right answer, but accepting that you might never know the answer. But you keep working to find the best solution. it allows you to humble yourself and feel empathy for someone that might have reached a different 'best solution'

From the article,

The sceptical way of life, on Sextus’ presentation, follows a certain rhythm. You feel puzzlement about something. You search for knowledge about it. You arrive at two equally weighty considerations about what is happening. You let go trying to find an answer. And once you recognise that you might not find a solution, it brings some mental tranquility. For example, sceptics hesitate to make categorical pronouncements about whether, say, a medical procedure is safe. Its safety depends on such things as the age, gender, body mass index and circumstances of each individual. It is also possible that the side-effects of a procedure will take years, or generations, to manifest. In short, writes Sextus: ‘We shall not be able to say what each object is in its own nature and absolutely, but what it appears to be under the aspect of relativity.

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