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Why Political Oppositions Can't Understand Each Other

By Jon Miltimore writing for Fee Stories

Psychologist Jonatrhan Haidt says, the people that reside on both sides of the ideological spectrum exist in what he calls a “moral matrix." he states,

If you think that half of America votes Republican because they’re blinded… then my message to you is you’re trapped in a moral matrix, You can either take the blue pill and stick to your comforting delusions. Or you can take the red pill, learn some moral psychology, and step outside your moral matrix.”

Haidt points out that conservatives tend to value order even at the cost of those at the bottom of society, which can result in morally dubious social implications. Liberals, however, often desire change even at the risk of anarchy. Some form of order is needed to maintain civility, whilst change is needed to progress as a society, and that often involves risk. Instead of coming together to work together, both sides instead choose to see the worst in the other side.

Some individuals in the media and political world know this and inflame those differences to further their personal goals and desires.

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