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Why Patriotism?

By Ian Leslie writing for The Ruffian on Substack

From the article,

What I find slightly more irksome are mainstream, ‘sensible’ left-liberals who go out of their way to tell us how they’re not into this whole flag-waving thing. I suppose they’re embarrassed by overt displays of patriotism. That’s OK, I can get behind that - discreetly, of course. But some people are so keen to display their aversion to overt displays that you begin to wonder if something else isn’t going on. Talking loudly about your indifference to something rather suggests you’re not indifferent to it. A rule of thumb: if you don’t care about something, don’t wang on about not caring about it. Wang on about all the things you do care about instead. Here’s another: if you see people getting enthusiastic and happy about something, then, as long as it’s not positively harmful, don’t tell them it’s shit. The only reason to do so is to make yourself look good in the eyes of people who already agree with you, which is a pretty shabby reason to piss on someone’s parade.

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