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Why Elon Musk Was Right About The Pandemic

By Jon Miltimore writing for Fee Stories

Elon Musk was an early opponent of the lockdowns and said that people who died with Covid are being included in the number of people who died because of Covid.

In his Joe Rogan interview, he states,

If somebody dies, was COVID a primary cause of the death or not? I mean, if somebody has COVID, gets eaten by a shark, we find their arm, their arm has Covid, it’s going to get recorded as a Covid death.

In NewYork of the 11,500 Covid patients hospitalised, 43 percent were admitted for something else other than Covid,

There are also indications that the CDC acknowledges the difference between dying because of and dying with Covid. Head of CDC Rochelle Walensky stated in an interview with Fox News Sunday that data will be forthcoming in relation to more clarity on the number of 836.000 deaths in the U.S linked to COVID are from COVID or how many are with COVID, but they had other comorbidities

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