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Vasectomies Won’t Save Us From Climate Change

By Matthew Sweet writing for UnHerd

There are a growing number of men who have chosen to tackle climate change by getting a vasectomy. Their reasons are that they don't want to bring children into a world that's only going to get worse and they believe that their sacrifice will reduce human population and thus reduce the impact they have on the climate.

Today’s envisioned apocalypse is hotter. And sooner. Fire and flood and lots of it, the day after tomorrow. No need to set the dial to the distant future: we can see the glaciers melting. The intolerable world is one our grandchildren may know. How can we avoid this? Well, one way would be not to have any grandchildren.

If those who have the greatest concern for the future stop having kids, then it's logical to think that those who have little to no concern will carry on having kids. They'll pass on their lack of concern to their children and increase the likelihood of future generations making the same mistakes.

In a conversation between the US journalist Sigal Samuel and the climate scientist Kimberley Nicholas, she tells the story about how the Israelite men abstained from sex because they didn’t want to create new slaves to Pharaoh. The women disagreed: their generation had failed, but perhaps the next would do better. So they seduced their husbands. Nine months later, Moses, the man God used to free the slaves was born.

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