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UK Military Weaponising Social Justice

By Freya India writing for Declassified UK

Bodies like GCHQ, the Ministry of Defence and BAE Systems are allying themselves with progressive social justice issues from feminism to LGBT rights. The rise of ‘woke’ politics is the perfect mask to obscure the dark underbelly of the UK military and intelligence world. Raytheon Technologies, one of the world’s largest arms companies and a major supplier to the British Ministry of Defence (MoD), recently teamed up with Girls Who Code to close the gender gap in science and technology. Whenever Raytheon isn’t inspiring young girls, though, it keeps itself busy by manufacturing guided missiles. In 2014, Raytheon UK secured its first export contract for the Paveway IV missile to Saudi Arabia – a £150 million deal for the sale of 2,400 bombs. Since then, Raytheon has been a reliable supplier to Riyadh’s military campaign in Yemen, where thousands of civilians have been killed in air attacks.

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