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Twitter Makes You Hate

Around the View

For example, the Canadian Truckers protesting Canada's lockdown restrictions. On Twitter left the truckers are all far-right, with a lot of them waiving nazi and confederate flags and have wreaked havoc on Canadian cities. Some twitters users warn that the 'siege on Ottawa' was funded by a global network of highly organised far-rights groups amplified by Facebook. Others linked the protestors to the threat posed by Fox News and the Republican Party.

Meanwhile, on the other side, critics of the establishment have responded with their own counter-narrative, aimed at portraying the truckers in a wholly sympathetic light, with nothing worth criticizing. They choose to focus on the response of the Canadian government. After Justin Trudeau invoked the Emergency Powers Act, the right labeled Canada a “dictatorship” and warned that similar measures would soon be coming to the United States.

Park Macdougald from UnHerd,

These narratives have a recognisable logic, which holds whether the underlying event is the truckers or the Capitol riot. They are tribal, pitting a virtuous “us” against a malevolent “them”. They are curated to provoke fear of, and rage against, the out-group, often through “empathic triggers” that highlightaggression against the in-group. They are also, in a loose sense, conspiratorial, running together phenomena that have no logical connection except within the pattern of the narrative.

There's no room for empathy, introspection, to consider pros and cons. and in the rare time that happens, any criticism of their side is dismissed because the other side is always worse. The issue of the Canadian Trucker is one example, but this pattern is the same regardless of the issue. As a result, people who wallow on Twitter and any other social network that operates the same way end up bitter, grumbling, and angry.

Why is this? Because the battle online never stops, your side is always right and the other side is always wrong. And there's no surrender, there is always a new battle to fight over.