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Tweeting Can Lead To Longer Sentences Than Assault

By Ed West writing for Wrong Side of History on Substack

From the article,

In February 2020, Uzair Bhatti and Mohammed Aseeb Ali were out celebrating a friend’s birthday in Blackburn when, in an unprovoked attack, they set upon 20-year-old Mitchell Gibbons. The two men beat their victim so badly that Gibbons was left in intensive care for weeks, fighting for his life. He had to have part of his skull removed and has ‘life-changing injuries’. Guess how many years Bhatti and Ali will have to serve in jail for this appalling crime? Fifteen? Ten, maybe? Surely not less than that. Answer: None. Not a single day. The judge ruled that going to prison might cost them their jobs and that he was satisfied neither was a threat to society. For putting a random stranger in intensive care and almost killing him, they will only have to carry out some unpaid work.

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