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Trigger Warnings Will Impact Great Art

By Ella Whelan writing for spiked

Great art is triggering, they push boundaries and in doing so they elicit a variety of emotions.

Art is also subjective, therefore what triggers is subjective. If we are willing to put trigger warnings on Art, then it'll likely lead to the censoring of all Art.

Attempts to censor art that triggers aren't new, as quoted in spiked,

At the opening night of JM Synge’s Playboy of the Western World in Dublin in 1907, audience members were triggered into rioting, including throwing projectiles at the stage, because of its shocking content – including a portrayal of patricide and scenes involving ladies’ knickers. Sinn Féin leader Arthur Griffith described the play as ‘a vile and inhuman story told in the foulest language we have ever listened to from a public platform’.

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