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TikTok Overtakes Google as Most Visited Site Of 2021

By Charlotte Pence Bond writing for The DailyWire

The Wall Street Journal reported that the app known for micro vlogging, comedy skits and silly dancing videos has overtaken google in 2021 as the most visited site.

The app is owned by ByteDance Ltd., which is based out of Beijing, and it has reportedly had a skyrocketing increase in popularity as it lures viewers in with its algorithm giving them clips of videos it determines they would enjoy watching. TikTok said it had more than one billion monthly users, the Journal reported.

The site has mainly attracted adolescents, although it's gaining popularity with older users. According to a report from Forrester Research the app is only second behind YouTube.

The three main reasons for it's popularity according the Forrester is; Entertainment value, short-form variety and positive self expression.

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