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This Is Violence - Not Jokes

By Tom Slater writing for spiked

From the article,

Even now, in the wake of the rushing of Chappelle at the Hollywood Bowl, the woke set seems more upset about the comic’s jokes than the attacker’s actions. ‘Dave Chappelle criticised for joking that a “trans man” attacked him on stage’, runs a headline in the Independent. ‘Dave Chappelle “made shameless trans-guy joke” after being attacked on stage’, thunders another in Pink News. On woke Twitter, a bizarre sort of moral equivalence is being drawn between Chappelle and his assailant. ‘All these people leave out the fact Dave Chappelle joked that it was a “trans man” that ran on stage to beat him when we don’t know who it was’, reads one viral tweet. ‘All we know is that things are about to get worse in this country and have been getting worse for trans people and Dave encourages it.’

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