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The Trend Of Racism Apologies

By Konstantin Kisin writing on his Substack

From the article,

Over the last few days, yet more voices have been added to the chorus of people who wish to paint Britain as an intolerant, racist hellhole. At this stage, the grievance grift is so widespread that I usually ignore new people jumping on this most lucrative bandwagon but this week the calibre of the culprits gave me food for thought. Speaking at the Hay Literary Festival, actor Stephen Fry said that Britons are “deluding themselves into thinking we’re a tolerant society”. He also confessed that he was shocked and embarrassed to realise he was “part of the problem as a decent progressive person”. Which begs the question, why do so many otherwise impressive people fall for the false narrative about our country and, even worse, regurgitate it uncritically to their large audiences? If we are the most tolerant Europeans, which other major countries have a better record of tolerance and respect for minorities?

Konstantin refers to Thomas Sowell, the great American economist, historian and social theorist who once said that there are three questions that destroy most progressive arguments:

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