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The Thought Police - Literally

By Brendan O'Neill writing for spiked

Charity worker, Ms Nicola Murray issued a statement saying that her domestic-violence charity would no longer refer women to the Edinburgh Rape Crisis Centre, because of what she believed to be ‘deeply concerning comments’ made by the trans woman who runs the centre. As a result, the police paid her a visit. ‘We need to speak to you to ascertain what your thinking was behind making your statement’, they told Murray.

The comments she referred to were by Mridul Wadhwa, the trans woman who is CEO of the Edinburgh Rape Crisis Centre (ERCC). Last year, Wadhwa said if women who are victims of sexual assault turn up at her centre and hold beliefs that are bigoted by nature they can expect to be challenged on their view.

Mridul Wadhwa said that for example, if a rape victim thought someone born male can't become a woman and doesn't want to see them at the crisis centre, the victim will receive an order of woke lecturing whether she asked for it or not.

In November, when detectives from Edinburgh visited Ms Murray. They had in their possession screenshots of her tweets and a printout of the statement made by Brodie’s Trust.

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