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The Theory Of White Fragility

Psychologists Valarie Tarico writing for Quillette

During a multi-day racial equity training course, the organisers told the white attendees that, as beneficiaries of institutional racism, they were complicit in racial injustice and that expressions of dismay or guilt were inappropriate and unwelcome.

The course leader told the attendees,

I’m tired, of white women’s tears.”

During the course, Elizabeth—who is white—kept many of her feelings to herself.

'White fragility' is a term popularised by sociologist and author Robin DiAngelo in her book, White Fragility: Why It's So Hard for White People to Talk About Racism. White fragility refers to a broad range of responses such as dismissiveness, guilt, excuses, dismissal, or anger that white people may have in reaction to discussions on racism.

Some writers have pointed out that the concept of white fragility is so broad and loose that it doesn’t qualify for social science research. And Valarie Tarico a psychologist writing for Quillette agrees.

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