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The Taliban Continue To Restrict Women

By Smriti Mallapaty writing for nature

From the article,

Female students in Afghanistan say discrimination has increased hugely in the past year. Life is growing increasingly unbearable for academics in Afghanistan, almost a year into the Taliban’s rule. It has become particularly tough for female scholars and students. Since the Taliban seized power last August, the country has descended into a humanitarian crisis. Many Afghans are not getting enough food; there is continuing conflict between the Taliban and rival groups; and outbreaks of infectious disease are widespread. On top of these challenges, faculty members have no time or funding to do research, and face shrinking salaries and vanishing academic freedoms.For female scholars, life under the Taliban means that most must wear garments that cover their head and body, and are restricted from teaching men. And female students cannot attend classes with men and are restricted from being taught by them.

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