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🎧 The Richest Man Who Ever Lived

From Thoughty2 YouTube channel

The 10 richest men of all time

  • Mansa Musa (1280-1337, king of the Mali empire) wealth indescribable

  • Augustus Caesar (63 BC-14 AD, Roman emperor) $4.6tn (ÂŁ3.5tn)

  • Zhao Xu (1048-1085, emperor Shenzong of Song in China) wealth incalculable

  • Akbar I (1542-1605, emperor of India's Mughal dynasty) wealth incalculable

  • Andrew Carnegie (1835-1919, Scottish-American industrialist) $372bn

  • John D Rockefeller (1839-1937) American business magnate) $341bn

  • Nikolai Alexandrovich Romanov (1868-1918, Tsar of Russia) $300bn

  • Mir Osman Ali Khan ( 1886-1967, Indian royal) $230bn

  • William The Conqueror (1028-1087) $229.5bn

  • Muammar Gaddafi (1942-2011, long-time ruler of Libya) $200bn

Source: Money.com, Celebrity Net Worth