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The Problem With 'Misinformation'

There is no way to apply, warnings, punishments, or sanctions against those who provide misinformation because everyone at some point will provide misinformation.

There are numerous occasions when the news, elected officials, and even experts have given the wrong information. However, we do not apply labels to their videos, sanction them or call for them to be barred. Trying to sanction only a selected few for misinformation will be seen as unfair and only fuel more backlash and division.

Additionally, it will also spotlight the times when 'mainstream' sources get things wrong and do not face similar consequences. The way forward is to determine if someone is deliberately giving out misinformation for nefarious purposes or if they believe they are right. if it's the latter, then providing facts to explain why they are wrong or having both parties together so they can discuss their point of view is a better path. But, like so many things, this is easier said than done.