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The Political Game Of Blaming The Otherside For Mass Shooting

From Glenn Greenwald's Substack

We all understand that blaming the actions of a few on a majority or using the actions of a few to represent the majority is wrong.

It's why we don't assume all blacks are violent because we see black inner-city gangs or that all Muslims should do something to stop Islamic terrorism because like the terrorists they are Muslims.

We say we understand this principle, but when there is a game of politics to be won, all principles are cast aside for the points.

Less than 6 months into the Trump presidency James T. Hodgkinson, a 66-year-old hard-core Democrat sought to kill GOP lawmakers. He shot 4 republicans and was killed by police in a shootout. The writings he left behind permitted little doubt that he was driven to kill by the relentless messaging he heard from his favorite cable host, MSNBC's Rachel Maddow, and other virulently anti-Trump pundits, about the evils of the GOP. Indeed, immediately after arriving at the softball field, he asked several witnesses whether the people gathered "were Republicans or Democrats.”

From the article,

The distinction between peaceful advocacy even of noxious ideas and those who engage in violence in the name of such ideas is fundamental to notions of fairness, justice and the ability to speak freely. But if you really want to claim that a public figure has "blood on their hands" every time someone murders in the name of ideas and ideologies they support, then the list of people you should be accusing of murder is a very, very long one indeed.

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