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The New Age Of Religion

By Konstantin Kisin writing for his Substack

From the article,

Why does being pro-Brexit or anti-Trump determine your attitude to COVID? Why do your views of lockdowns and mask mandates now reliably predict your view of a conflict in Eastern Europe? I do not claim to know the exact answers to these questions, which is precisely why I think they are worth asking. What I do know, however, is that the religious angle is likely to hold at least some of the answers. One of the primary functions of religions through the ages has been to provide explanations of things we were unable to understand using the scientific and cultural tools available at the time. As science and technology advanced, so the questions our Gods needed to answer became more sophisticated. This process continued unabated for millennia but it seems that we have made so much technological progress we are now moving backwards towards superstition and primitivism.

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