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The Lady Of Heaven - The Critics

By Douglas Murray writing for The Spectator

Cineworld has now cancelled all screenings of the film.

From the article,

The cause of the cancellation was the large crowds of bearded film critics in Bradford, Birmingham, Bolton and Sheffield who turned out to protest against the screening of a film they insist is ‘blasphemous’. Again, it is hard to see how anyone can know a film is blasphemous if they have not seen it. Except that word went round these various local communities that the film portrays the aforementioned Muhammad and his family. No actual actor plays Muhammad. No, Muhammad’s appearance is apparently conjured by CGI, Defenders of The Lady of Heaven have pointed out that the film is wildly positive about Muhammad and his many children, not least Fatima. It is fawning, we are told, as though this would placate anyone who likes protesting outside cinemas.

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