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The Issue With Affirmative Action - Ketanji Brown Jackson

By Wilfred Reilly writing for spiked

Ketanji Brown is a successful, highly decorated Judge with numerous successes under her belt. Even if you disagree with this statement, many others view her credentials as worthy. The problem is that because of President Biden's decision to announce that he would only nominate a black woman, it's hard to dismiss anyone who says she's only got the job because of her race and gender.

The main objection to Jackson's nomination is that she has been lenient toward child-pornography offenders. However, his practice of giving lighter sentences than recommended by federal guidelines is not unusual – even for GOP-nominated judges. Josh Hawley, a Republican Senator and a vocal critic of Jackson on this issue has himself voted to confirm at least three federal judges who also engaged in the same practice’.

However, the biggest criticism should be reserved for Biden, even from those who wish to see a more diverse supreme court. In his proclamation to only appoint a black female, he has reduced Jackson to nothing but her gender and race. If Biden felt so strongly about appointing a black woman, he should just have done so without mentioning it beforehand or making it a campaign promise. This speaks to the wider issue of affirmative action.

From the article,

Coverage of the nomination process has focused almost entirely on which black women might be available. A number of candidates who were regularly put forward as possibilities, such as J Michelle Childs, struck many observers as solid enough legal minds – but also as candidates who probably would not have received consideration for the highest court in the US were it not for their race and sex. Within this context, Jackson’s top-notch resumé often felt like a secondary element of her application package.

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