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The Hypocrisy Of Formula One

By Phil Miller writing for Declassified UK

From the article,

After Russia invaded Ukraine, Formula One’s reigning champion Max Verstappen said the sport should not race in a country that’s at war. So why is he competing in Gulf states that are attacking Yemen? When a country is at war, it is not right to race there.” That was Max Verstappen’s commendable reaction to Vladimir Putin’s illegal invasion of Ukraine. The sentiment was shared by almost all his fellow Formula One drivers, who posed for a picture in front of a Ukrainian flag wearing “No War” T-shirts. No one can now claim that Formula One is not political. Which makes Verstappen’s anti-war stance all the more interesting. When he won the title in December, he did so on the track at Abu Dhabi, capital of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). That’s a Gulf dictatorship which, together with its autocratic allies Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, is bombing Yemen. They’ve been at war there since 2015, creating the world’s worst humanitarian disaster with an estimated 377,000 deaths.

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