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The Hard Left And Hard Right Are The Same

From a Quillette article written by Stephen Jensen

The war in Ukraine ought to serve as a powerful reality antidote to the self-involved pettiness of our own culture war. The reality of whole neighbourhoods destroyed by bombs should serve as a reminder of how lucky we are to live in a relatively peaceful land.

From the article,

A time-traveller or alien dropped into the West’s “culture war” might be forgiven for wondering if it was all intended as a big joke. After all, most of the major arguments could be taken straight out of a comedy show: “Men can get pregnant, too,” “Winston Churchill is getting cancelled,” “Donald Trump is Hitler,” “Joe Biden is a communist,” “Math is racist!” Although the plot has sometimes been difficult to follow, the culture war has provided us with a steady stream of entertainment and hilarity. However, it stops being fun when it becomes clear that the arguments are meant seriously. And it becomes positively frightening when one also realises that this theatre of absurdities has dominated much of the public debate across the Western world for years.

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