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The Feminist Problem With Biology

By Ellen Pasternack, a PhD student in evolutionary biology at Oxford University writing for UnHerd

Feminists are reluctant to accept that any differences in sexes, including behaviours they deem sexist could be biological.

From the article,

If you remember anything about sex differences in biology lessons, it’s likely to be this: males mate as much as possible. They evolve horns to fight off competitors, and beautiful ornaments to win over females. Females, by contrast, focus their energies on choosing the single best male out of all those available. For males, it’s quantity that matters; for females, quality. As Charles Darwin put it, the female, “with the rarest of exceptions, is less eager than the male”. Males work to “sedulously display their charms before the female”, who “requires to be courted”. This distinction between chaste females and indiscriminately horny males became a central principle of evolutionary theory for much of the 20th century.

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