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The Experts Aren't Winning

By Malcom Kyeyune writing for UnHerd

One of the reasons we fail to identify authoritarian tactics in the modern world is that we still view authoritarian as state control of the citizenry. We wrongly still characterise totalitarianism as a top-down affair. However, I would argue that some totalitarian regimes were able to obtain power thanks in part to public support because the majority often want to impose their will and control on the minority for the good of the wider society as a whole.

Today, especially in the west, calls to increase censorship comes not just from the state but from our fellow citizens. the educated, urban middle classes often organising on their own to encourage the state or those with power to exert control and punishment.

Many of them excuse their behaviour as not totalitarian because they are not the state, and they are right in this assessment. They have in effect found a loophole to act like a dictator. The power to shape and mold society is now held not just by elected governments, but by large tech companies and corporations. But the principle remains, use power to censor, punish and control those with a different point of view for the greater good or for their own good.

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