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The Downside Of The Sexual Revelation

By Maria Albano writing for Spiked

So much has been gained from society developing a more transparent, less shameful relationship to sex. It is certainly progress when what happens in one’s bedroom is no longer an issue of public morality.

What started as sexual liberation has devolved into exhibiting, selling and buying sex. Now it's got to the stage where boys as young as 10 have access to porn and a woman's value is only defined by her sexuality.

The cesspit of softcore porn that is Instagram is probably what inspired the founders of OnlyFans to take it a step further, and turn people’s willingness to show off their naked bodies into actual currency. According to the New York Times, OnlyFans empowers women to capitalise on their desirability at the expense of men. But that is bollocks. In reality, it forces women to submit to the demands of male desire. As such, it is antithetical to the empowerment of women.

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