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The Church Of England Needs Conservative Thinkers

By Angela Tilby writing for Church Times

From the article,

THE Bishop of London’s decision not to ordain the GB News presenter Calvin Robinson leaves troubling questions (News,Press, 27 May). Mr Robinson was due to serve his title as deacon at St Alban’s, Holborn. This arrangement was mysteriously cancelled before his college principal had signed the all-important letter stating that he had fulfilled the requirements of his training and recommending him for ordination. The issue appears to be Mr Robinson’s politics. He is conservative, both theologically and politically. He is also a regular television pundit, with a large following on social media. He does not accept that British society or the Church of England is institutionally racist. Reports have claimed that Bishop Mullally told him off personally for his views, insisting that the C of E was institutionally racist. All this suggests that she thought him, a black man, unordainable because he denied what she, a white woman, was telling him.

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