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The Campaign In Gender Ideologies To Get Kids While They’re Young

By Bernard Lane writing for Quillette

From the article,

In a Canadian primary school, a six-year-old girl was reportedly upset and puzzled after her teacher showed the class a YouTube video entitled He, She, and They?!?—Gender: Queer Kid Stuff #2. The video stated that “some people aren’t boys or girls.” Another day, the teacher asked the children to place themselves on a gender-spectrum diagram. The six-year-old put herself at the “girl” end of the spectrum, only to be told by the teacher that “girls are not real, and boys are not real. In England, a six-year-old boy reportedly came home confused because his school was allowing another boy to identify as female and wear a dress. The six-year-old’s parents say they were warned by school authorities that anyone who “could not believe” that boys identifying as girls were actually girls, or anyone who refused to use female pronouns, “would be viewed by the school as being transphobic. At a middle school in California, a sixth-grade girl called Jessica was allegedly influenced by teachers to join an Equality Club, where she was told she might be transgender and bisexual. Her mother’s lawyer says the teachers “told these kids, do not tell your parents, and specifically Jessica’s mom, do not tell them, they cannot be trusted.

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