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The Abuse Of Gender Self-Identification

By Julie Bindel writing for UnHerd

Harvey Marcelin was an elderly man guilty of murdering two women and has served much of the five past decades in prison. He was taken into custody again for the murder and dismemberment of Susan Leydon. Harvey now identifies as a woman and could potentially be incarcerated in a woman's prison.

Harvey has a long history of crime starting from 1957 including violent assault, alleged attempted rape, and murder. On 27 February this year, Susan Leyden was seen entering Marcelin’s apartment, carrying a multi-coloured bag. On 3 March, a woman’s torso was discovered in a garbage bag in a shopping cart on a busy street in East New York, Brooklyn during the early morning hours. Five days later, a leg was discovered in Cypress Hill only blocks away from where the torso was discovered.

From the article,

At the time of his arrest, Marcelin was living at Stonewall House, New York City’s first LGBT-welcoming senior housing. No one seems to know when Marcelin began identifying as a woman, but there is no evidence that he had undergone treatment of any kind, and it would appear that he was presenting as male until very close to the discovery of Leydon’s remains.

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