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Martin Luther King's 6 Principles Of Non-Violence

By Hannah Cox writing for Based Politics

MLK's 6 Principles of Non-Violence

  1. Non-Violence Is Not for the Faint of Heart

  2. Non-Violence Seeks to Defeat Injustice, Not People

  3. The Goal of Non-Violence is Reconciliation

  4. Redemptive Suffering Holds Transformational Power

  5. Non-Violence Pertains to Physical Acts and Internal Thoughts

  6. The Universe Is on the Side of Justice

Six Bonus Principles

King also described six steps for best practices to help others through the pathway of non-violence.

  1. Gather information: learn as much as you can about the problems around you and talk to those directly impacted.

  2. Educate others: it is your duty to help those around you better understand the problems in society.

  3. Remain committed: knowing you will face obstacles and blowback, work to inspire others.

  4. Peacefully negotiate: talk to both sides, use humor, grace, and intelligence to foster solutions between the oppressed and the oppressors.

  5. Take action peacefully: rely on peaceful demonstrations, letter-writing, and civil disobedience.

  6. Reconcile: keep all actions peaceful and constructive.

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