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The 12 Things We Get Wrong About Romantic Relationships

By Gary W.Lewandowski Jr. Ph.D. writing for Psychology Today

There are many misconceptions, likely fueled by depictions in media about relationships. For example, most women will believe that men generally only care about sex and are less likely to look for something serious. But studies show that men fall in love faster and more often; they want to move in together faster and they are more likely to believe that a 'hook up' can lead to love. Today, men are far more likely to want a committed relationship within the next year. The problem is those men aren't the attractive ones, women are still typically initially attracted to men with darker personalities. It's hard to fight our attraction, and when it comes to romance we are more likely to give what we are attracted to a chance to date us.

Gary Lewandowski spoke to a group of top relationship experts on other things individuals and couples most commonly get wrong—or in other words, the myths, mistakes, and blind spots that unknowingly undermine relationships or the pursuit of one.

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