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No Evidence For Vaccine Passports

By Michael Simmons writing for The Spectator

Photo by Jeremy Bezanger on Unsplash

Nicola Sturgeon wants to extend vaccine passports in Scotland, and today her government released a 70-page document purporting to show evidence.

The document, entitled Coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine certificationww: evidence paper update claims that Scotland’s choice is more vaccine passports or restrictions.

To suppress the virus further we are now faced with a choice. This is to limit social contacts and the risk of infection by limiting social contacts by closing venues, limiting group sizes and advising people not to meet each other. Alternatively we can enable people to meet up in a lower risk way by using certification to reduce the risk that an infectious person will be present in a higher risk setting.
The document presents a false choice between lockdown style restrictions like the rule-of-six and vaccine passports
A third option is to recognise that 92pc of Scots are antibody positive (thanks to the UK vaccination programme) and this success means neither vaccine passports or extra restrictions are needed on either side of the border. But this option isn't discussed. Sturgeon's government has powers and wants to use them.

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