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Strip Away The Power Of The Politicians - They're All Unpopular Anyway

John Hood writing for reason

A lot is made about the division in American politics, but Americans are all united in one thing - they hate all politicians.

As unpopular as Donald Trump was in the polls, he was not even anywhere near the most disliked. Individuals like Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and Mitch Mcconnell are even more disliked. Further, Joe Biden is around the same and in some polls even more disliked than Trump.

Perhaps the days of the popular and well-liked politician are over, especially with such divisiveness and a media that benefits and encourages that division.

John Hood writing for reason argues that now is the time to strip away their power. he writes,

President Joe Biden is unpopular. Former President Donald Trump is unpopular. Congressional leaders are unpopular. More generally, a recent Gallup survey shows that only 39 percent of Americans have either "a great deal" or "a fair amount" of trust and confidence in the federal government to handle the nation's problems. Regarding Congress in particular, most Americans describe their level of confidence as "very little" or "none."A healthy skepticism about the pretensions of politicians and the exercise of federal power is nothing new in American life. What we face now, though, is quite unhealthy cynicism. It's toxic. And while we have lately endured a series of especially inept and unctuous leaders, the problem is really one of institutions, not individuals.

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