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Scotland's Gender Recognition Reform Bill Will Be Exploited By Paedophiles

By Susan Dalgety writing for The Scotsman

From the article,

There are young girls this morning who, last night, will have endured abuse at the hands of an abusive man masquerading as a family friend, as a step-father, as a man of the cloth. I have no idea why Shona Robison and her close friend and boss, Nicola Sturgeon, refuse to believe women when we say we fear the consequences of a law that redefines what it means to be female. I have no idea why trans campaigners and their allies call us bigots, transphobes, right-wing shills, when all we are doing is pointing out, as the Equality and Human Rights Commission did recently, that the Bill will affect women’s rights. What I do know is that on Thursday, two of the most powerful women in Scotland betrayed every other woman and girl in the country. All 2.7 million of us.

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