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Scientists Create AI That Judges You As Your Mother-In-Law Would

A study about the judgmental AI, published in the prestigious Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences journal, describes how researchers designed and trained the model to judge attributes in human faces, the way we do upon first meeting each other. The study describes how the scientists trained it to manipulate photos to evoke different judgments, such as appearing “trustworthy” or “dominant.”

Princeton computer science postdoctoral researcher Joshua Peterson wrote in a tweet thread about how the model not only contains bias but also reflects it.

The study notes that the AI so mirrored human judgment that it linked physical appearances, such as someone’s size or skin color, with attributes ranging from trustworthiness to privilege.

In a press release, cognitive scientist and AI researcher Jordan W. Suchow of the Stevens Institute of Technology, who worked on the study, admitted that care needs to be taken on how the technology is used as it can be used in negative ways.

Read the full study at PNAS