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Russia - Ukraine, It Shouldn't Be A Divisive Issue

One of the problems with modern media facilitated by social media is the amount of information we have access to. There is so much on the Russian invasion of Ukraine from both sides of the conflict that it's hard for me to know what is truth, exaggerations, or outright propaganda.

Like most people, I'm not in Ukraine. I can only get information from people who claim to have first-hand knowledge of what is going on and even then their perception and analysis of what they see can still be wrong. So regardless, there is a level of trust we place on people we don't know personally to tell us the whole truth.

I've read so many opinions on what is going on. On topics like, who's to blame for the conflict, views on Putin and Zelensky, and what is actually going on in the streets of Ukrainian towns and cities.

Here's my position, I don't know how corrupt the Ukrainian government is or just how much of its leadership is full of nazis. I can't tell you how well or badly the Russian army is doing, all I can do is repeat what individuals that work for the media say. I don't know if Russians are deliberately killing civilians or as Russian sympathisers tell me, are doing their best to avoid civilian casualties.

Can I tell you why Putin decided to invade Ukraine? is it to regain the old Soviet empire? probably is my answer. But, I could be wrong. Maybe he does feel threatened by NATO expansion, perhaps there is some blame NATO and the U.S.A must take, I'm open to people who have opinions on this position.

I do know I want peace, for people to stop fighting and people to stop dying. How can this be achieved, I don't know and I can't say what the best solution is to bring about this. I do also think sanctioning innocent Russians, many of whom only have access to Russian media to tell them what's going on and have no influence in the decision to invade Ukraine. In my opinion, the sanctions won't make any difference or put pressure on Putin and at the end of the day like with other wars it's innocent civilians that are used as collateral to win wars.

One thing is clear for all, Ukraine, a sovereign country has been invaded by Russia, something that the overwhelming majority of people in Ukraine did not want. As a result, people are dying. People like me and you, who just want to get up, go about their day, spend time with family and live a long life. People who have no power in geopolitical decisions.

Parents cry over the death of their baby who was hit by shrapnel

Russia has sent armies, tanks, planes, and weapons of destruction into their country, and as a result, they are dying, leaving their homes and having their cities destroyed. That's the bottom line, it shouldn't be an issue that divides left or right, mainstream or independent news, or encourage individuals who want to be contrarians for the sake of playing into the distrust in institutions.

Regardless of what you think of who did what, what is true or not, the bottom line here is that what Russia is doing is wrong. While we can all disagree on the level of NATO's fault in provoking Russia or how much propaganda Ukraine themselves are spreading. Russia still decided to invade a country that wasn't there, they aren't welcomed by the Ukrainians and many of them want to return to their home. Ordinary normal people are dying because of what Russia did, they fired first, and as far as I'm aware there isn't any evidence that NATO or Ukraine was about to invade Russia or kill Russian civilians.

There have been individuals who used the cruel romantic ejections they suffered from women or taunts they faced from bullies to justify their decision to go on a shooting spree killing innocent people who didn't know them. Whilst we might have sympathised with their situation before the shooting spree, the decision to go on that spree negates any sympathy they might have had.

Destroyed Ukrainian buildings

I've seen numerous articles, comments and analysis trying to explain the presence of nazis in the Ukraine government, how corrupt Zelensky is or how NATO broke their promise to Russia regarding the expansion of its border. No one has presented a strong enough argument to justify the invasion of a sovereign country and for me that's the bottom line. What Russia is doing is evil and wrong, that's something we should all agree on.