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Russia New World Ending Nuclear Weapon - Son Of Satan

By Dan Robitzski writing for The Byte

Russia has developed a powerful new nuclear weapon, the RS-28 Sarmat, which has earned the nickname “Satan II.” Tests will begin in the next few months.

This represents a significant upgrade on the current Russian nuclear arsenal. And if the upcoming tests go well, the Russian military may start to deploy the weapons by the end of next year.

From the article,

The Sarmat reportedly has a range of 18,000 kilometers — meaning it’s just shy of being able to reach anywhere on the Earth — and can carry a payload of up to ten tons. That means the missile is capable of launching multiple warheads and a hypersonic vehicle, making it exceptionally difficult for any of Russia’s theoretical targets to detect, let along stop, the nuke before it hits. Even more alarming is that Russia designed the Satan II specifically to avoid any form of missile defense, according to TASS. That includes both speeding up its acceleration so it can launch itself out of range of defense systems before finding its ultimate trajectory as well as using its extremely long-range to fly over the North or South poles, evading more heavily defended areas.

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