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Racism Isn't Complex

Racism isn't complex. It's when you treat another individual or group unfairly or differently because of their race.

Everyone understands this, everyone also understands why this is wrong. If I choose to hurt someone because they are black, then I'm a racist. if I choose to hurt someone because they're white then I'm a racist. Simple.

However, modern elites, academia, and media have redefined racism. The new definitions, add extra context, and fluff that in my opinion needlessly complicates it and makes something that we should all understand and work to eradicate, harder.

In my article about White Privilege Or White Supremacy, I explained how the idea of white privilege a tool used to try to explain why racism is essentially only possible by white people, is actually another way of allowing racism through a more sympathetic lens. It's the difference between the old racist slave owner beating his slaves because they were inferior and the new racist slave owner hugging his slaves because he feels sorry for his superiority.

Recently the ADL redefined its definition of racism.

Their first definition (below) is simple and true.

However, they've now redefined racism with the context of white privilege added.

The second definition puts the focus not on racial differences but on power differences. This almost excuses the discrimination of other races if you believe your racial group places below them in societal power heirachy.

Power hierarchies can also change and be viewed differently by different people. In the future, as we grow and develop, what if a group of whites see affluent blacks and decide it's okay to attack them because they now have the power. What about countries where the majority isn't white? Were the Arabs who owned thousands of black slaves not racist?

The ADL's new definition seems like it was made to satisfy a few in academia rather than help end racism. We tend to see life through our own experiences and any individual can view themselves as without privilege and justify their racist actions because of their position in life, many of them won't have studied Kendi or read literature of power structures. The earlier definition of racism is simple and objectively true, one that everyone can live by, the second definition leaves room for individuals and groups to use subjectivity to determine if their action is racist.

To further understand the implication of the ADL's redefinition, take a look at Whoopi Goldberg's comments on the Holocaust. In a recent episode of The View, she tried to explain why the Holocaust was not about race, but simply bad people doing bad things. Why? because she thinks Jews have societal privileges like white people.

These [Jews and Nazis] are two white groups of people.

All structures and institutions are made up of individuals, and the best way to tackle racism or inequality is for each individual to not use race to judge another individual. It won't be quick or easy, but this is the most effective method to solve racism around the world.