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Politicians Are Playing With Childhood

By Susan Hawkes & Michelle Janas writing for The Mallard

From the article,

Speaking to COP26 last week, the Minister for education, Nadhim Zahawi, announced a new focus on environmentalism in the school curriculum. It took political activism further into the classroom than ever before, adding to what may become a slow death of our concept of childhood. His promise that “young people will be empowered to take action on the environment” was made as world leaders gathered to wrestle with the policy changes required to tackle climate change. It may have been well-intentioned, but this was no Greta Thunberg-style grass-roots call to action. It came top-down from the education minister of a Conservative government, making it stand out even more in an intensifying trend for politicians to hand the burden of responsibility for the environment onto young people. Who could have missed Greta Thunberg leading a legion of school children protesting in the streets demanding faster change and asking, “are we fighting to save ourselves?”

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