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OnlyFans Isn't The Way To Show Women's Sexuality

By Freya India writing for Evie

From the article,

Under the guise of empowerment, popular culture often reduces women’s sexuality to how much skin they show or how overtly sexual they are. From Kim Kardashian’s naked selfie being praised as a “powerful act of empowerment and self-love” to Cardi B telling young girlsI want you to feel that empowerment, like you could do that,” while singing about thots, bitches, and whores in this house, these days young women are internalizing the idea that the only way to feel desirable and liberated is by hyper-sexualizing themselves. But is this really all it comes down to? Is women’s sexuality really nothing more than thongs, twerking, and topless photos? Or have we forgotten the various shades and subtleties of female sex appeal?

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