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OnlyFans Is A Nail In The Coffin Of Romantic Love

By Simone Hanna writing for Evie

From the article,

Having just turned 18, I’m entering that late, awkward stage where my peers seem to view sex as a remarkably simple and casual thing to engage in. I can’t judge them for this; I grew up in the same cultural wreck. The one where women would conflate exhibitionism with “liberation,” where film and television normalized adulterous behavior, where the internet made pornography easily accessible, and where schools taught children how to have “safe sex” rather than teaching them what sex is, or at least, what it should be – a personal, private, and passionate act of love. Now, as if it weren’t bad enough for Western culture to normalize Pornhub — a free, easily accessible site that directly profits off child rape, sexual violence, and female abuse — young “entrepreneur” Timothy Stokely’s creation of OnlyFans has put one more nail in the coffin of more old-fashioned ideas of love. It’s changed “sex work” forever.

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