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"Only a Man Can Be a Husband. Only a Man Can Be a Father."

By David French writing for The Dispatch

The story of men in the United States is a story of extremes. On the one hand, there is an elite cohort of men who do very, very well—disproportionately well compared to their female peers. If you look at the very tip of the elite spear, men overwhelmingly populate the ranks of CEOs. In 2020, women accounted “for just 6% of CEOs at the 500 largest American companies.” Zooming out from the CEO level, data from McKinsey indicates that the proportion of women decreased at each increased level of responsibility: “In 2020, female workers accounted for 47% of entry-level positions, 38% of management roles, and 33% senior management/director roles. Women were entrusted with under one third (29%) of all vice president positions in American organizations.” This is one reason why so many people scoff when one argues that American men are in crisis. Men can do very, very well in the United States of America, disproportionately so. But men also can do very, very poorly—again, disproportionately so.

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