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No, You Probably Won't Age Like WIne

By Ed West writing for Wrong Side Of History on Substack

From the article,

The only way that men become more attractive over time is if they become significantly richer, which is unlikely in middle age if their career is not well-established in their 20s. Aside from money, the main factor determining older male attractiveness is upper body strength, which can keep men appearing desirable after their face starts to fall apart. Most men struggle to work out, talk less about abstaining from all the junk food neccessary to maintain an attractive physique. The male psyche is filled with delusions, forming a sort of psychological protection against real life. Just as men tend to overestimate how competent they are at any given task, they are programmed to wildly overestimate their value in the mating market. Among the many delusions males have is the idea that, unlike women, they don’t become less attractive with age; in the minds of many men, female attractiveness peaks early and, while most men don’t improve with age, looks are less important for us so female preference doesn’t really change. Many men seem blissfully unaware that, while the dating game may seem brutal and unfair in adolescence, it’s going to remain brutal and unfair later, just in different ways. They’re not going to mature into a debonair George Clooney-type who has the women gushing over his overgrown ear hair. They’re just going to become increasingly repulsive as they age.

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