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No, The U.S Hasn't Had 288 School Shootings In 2022

By Robby Soave writing for reason

If there were 288 school shootings in 2022 you’d think we’d have heard about it. There Have Been 13 Mass School Shootings Since 1966, It's important to not conflate mass shootings with school shootings

From the article,

The problem here is that three very differently defined terms are being used somewhat incautiously and interchangeably: school shooting, mass shooting, and mass school shooting. Uvalde was a mass school shooting; the 26 previous tragedies at schools this year were not. The difference is significant. Education Week, which tracks all school shootings, defines them as incidents in which a person other than the suspect suffers a bullet wound on school property. Many of the 26 previous shootings involved disputes between students in parking lots, or after athletic events, and all of them resulted in one or zero deaths. These deaths are still incredibly tragic, of course. But they are fundamentally unlike what happened in Uvalde.

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